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With CMPG at your side, strategic planning is revolutionized.

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Strategic Planning

We help you focus and take you the whole way from identification to realization. With CMPG at your side, strategic planning is revolutionized. With best practices insights from across the industry and the experience of tenured industry consultants and former bank executives, you get leadership and guidance to deliver on your shareholder promises. Short and long-term objectives are kept squarely in the crosshairs as CMPG guides you through a comprehensive planning exercise that includes prioritization for organization, technology, process, capital investment, revenue growth, expense and productivity initiatives.

Coupling a strategic planning engagement with CMPG’s insightful EVNI™ analysis leads you to the most essential priorities so you can get where you are going more quickly and efficiently.

Strategic planning is one of the most vital activities for your executive team and Board of Directors. Doing it well enables new levels of performance. Often banks discover that they have settled into a planning routine that prevents them from seeing shifts in the marketplace, customer dynamics, and even internal cultural changes and causes them to overlook key technology opportunities and productivity gains that can be captured.

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Earnings & Performance Using our proprietary tools and peer-comparison analytics, CMPG can help your bank or credit union define the challenges and opportunities that will lead to improved earnings, reduced expenses and better overall performance. Learn more...
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Peer Benchmarking CMPG's proprietary EVNI™ benchmarking / modeling tool has been proven to have a 90% predictive capability to show where your bank lags in infrastructure, staffing, process, expense and revenue categories. Learn more...
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Acquisition and Integration Having outside help during due diligence has been shown to increase likelihood of a successful bank integration. Our executive consultants can reveal hidden challenges, identify new opportunities and uncover risks that can hinder a smooth integration and successful acquisition. Learn more...
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Risk Management CMPG's expertise in enterprise risk management and the key operational risk areas of third party risk and business continuity and business process risk is unmatched. Learn more...