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Expanding and protecting revenues

Our experience provides valuable insight and knowledge to you and your management team.

Proven Experience

With several hundred projects under our belt, we know our way around banking and we understand what your challenges are.

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Expanding and protecting revenues are key to continuing your independence and success as a community, regional or commercial bank. Our bank and credit union consultants help you perform an introspective view of the revenue drivers today, and where those revenue streams will be challenged in the future. We evaluate and make recommendations on areas where your organization needs to expand income diversity, and to what levels, to remain competitive with top performing peers.

Several of the key evaluation efforts necessary to understand revenue and its potential for your organization include:

  • An evaluation of fee realization rates to allow a review of policies, procedures and even system attributes and settings that may all be contributing to lower than anticipated earnings.
  • Card and merchant portfolio analysis. Are you being paid appropriately for the risk that you bear?
  • How your fee structures align with processing and disclosures? What opportunity exists in your market and within the leeway you have already defined, or need to redefine?
  • Is your product suite comprehensive and competitive? Where are the gaps and what options exist to close those gaps?
  • Are fees generated commensurate with the costs, both internal and external, to generate this income? What is the efficiency ratio for specified fee generation? How should this change or does this need to change?
  • How will fee income be built or eroded in the changing payments ecosystem? What strategies are you investigating or deploying to protect or build customer payment support and revenue?

Our experience working with banks and credit unions of all sizes provides valuable insight and knowledge to you and your management team. Whether you are looking for refinements to an existing product or service, or recommendations to allow a transformation of your earnings, CMPG is prepared to help and lead this effort.

Contact us to discuss our work with peer banks and credit unions in this area and how we can help you.

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Non-Interest Expense

Take a look at your expenses through our eyes and we will help you see where there are opportunities for reductions and streamlining, without negatively impacting your strategic goals. Improving non-interest expenses contributes to a strong ROA and Efficiency Ratio. Learn more...

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Staffing and Productivity

Understanding how productivity can improve through strategic staffing, automation, process improvement and other methods is important to managing your bank's staffing and employee expenses. Learn more...

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Banking Technology

We can help benchmark your current technology and put you into position to be successful by helping you manage costs and the service performance of your vendors and technology providers. Learn more...

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Process Improvements

CMPG has extensive experience working with clients helping evaluate and rebuild process flows and the use of automation to streamline and overhaul the operations areas. Learn more...

Can our services help you?

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Peer Benchmarking CMPG's proprietary EVNI™ benchmarking / modeling tool has been proven to have a 90% predictive capability to show where your bank lags in infrastructure, staffing, process, expense and revenue categories. Learn more...
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Strategic Planning Strategic planning is one of the most vital activities for your bank or credit union. With insights from and the experience of tenured consultants and former bank executives, you get guidance to deliver on your shareholder promises. Learn more...
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Acquisition and Integration Having outside help during due diligence has been shown to increase likelihood of a successful bank integration. Our executive consultants can reveal hidden challenges, identify new opportunities and uncover risks that can hinder a smooth integration and successful acquisition. Learn more...
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Risk Management CMPG's expertise in enterprise risk management and the key operational risk areas of third party risk and business continuity and business process risk is unmatched. Learn more...