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An EVNI™ analysis yields insights into which expense categories and which projects will yield the biggest impact on profits and growth.

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Industry and Peer Benchmarking Using EVNI™

Like you, we wondered why traditional measures such as ROA and Efficiency Ratio were inadequate when it came to understanding HOW certain banks outperformed others. In 2005, we developed a unique comparative performance modeling tool called EVNI™. This modeling tool has been proven to have a 90% predictive capability to show where your bank lags in infrastructure, staffing, process, expense and revenue categories.

CMPG uses the EVNI™ model in our engagements to compare our clients’ banks against portfolio peers, market peers, and national benchmark performers. This analysis forms the basis of key strategic priorities that become a part of our strategic planning guidance.

An EVNI™ analysis also yields insights into which expense categories and which projects will yield the biggest impact on profits and growth.

Traditional Standard and Poor's analyses and those used by other consultants simply don’t offer the same detailed and meaningful insights. Clients are often left wondering why they spent so much money and time on their profit improvement effort with a consultant.

At CMPG, we believe time is money and we want to focus on areas that will yield results for you, not churn hours that line our pockets at your expense. The quicker we get you there, the better off you are. And the sooner you’ll recommend us to our next client for the gains we’ve helped you achieve. We believe in getting results and getting them sooner rather than later.

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