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Our experience working with banks and credit unions of all sizes provides valuable insight and knowledge to you and your management team.

Reliable Performance

Take a look at your expenses through our eyes and we will help you see where there are opportunities.

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CMPG Engagement Performance Metrics

Reliability is our hallmark. The following performance metrics represent CMPG’s experience and delivery performance across all engagements and projects since 2007.

Analysis Accuracy: Validation and review of our analytics and project assessments is an important part of every project with our clients. Our clients validated 99% of the dollar value of our recommendations, including all assumptions and calculations.

Recommendation Acceptance:Our clients trust CMPG’s analysis and the opportunities we identify for them. They have implemented 91% of the recommendations we have made.

Attainment / Realization:This measures our ability to realize the projected results for our clients and work effectively with their teams to bring opportunities to life. Historically, we have attained 109% of the projected revenue increases and expense reductions identified in our analysis.