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Earnings & Performance Improvement

CMPG has been helping banks, credit unions and other companies improve earnings and shareholder return since our inception in 1998. We have worked with numerous bank executives and boards to identify and implement significant improvements in the areas of:

  • Non-Interest Expense
  • Revenue
  • Staffing and Productivity
  • Banking Systems and Technology Purchases & Renegotiations
  • Process and Workflow Improvement

Broad industry benchmark reports only provide part of the picture and often lead to more questions than answers. Our comprehensive EarningsVISION™ program includes detailed assessments and benchmarks across more than 120 key process, organization and technology areas to show you exactly where opportunities lie in your organization.

CMPG executive consultants help you define your challenges and opportunities using our proprietary tools and peer-comparison analytics. From there, we develop detailed project plans for you and help lead the implementation of improvements, working with your staff to ensure things are completed on time. When you have urgency and need to improve profitability, shareholder value and deliver on your strategic promise, CMPG can help.

For case studies or examples of projects with banks like yours, TALK WITH US to learn more and discover why CMPG might be a good fit for your earnings improvement effort. We might not be, and that’s okay, too. It’s your bank and we’re here to help if you think our approach makes sense for you.

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